vaya a Mexico

Day 2

Today was Day 1, a full day at sea! AKA – time to relax. Let’s see… got up at 840, had a minor panic over sharing a bathroom with a 16 year old, went looking for a public restroom, and ended up coming back, and pounding on the door  – telling her to GET OUT RIGHT NOW and I WASNT KIDDING… poor girl, hopped out with one hairy leg, and one smooth leg – whoops!!

We breakfasted on the Lido Deck with some of the family (eggs, sausage, potatoes, and ceasar salad) and had a loevely time. I spent the next few hours wandering around with my book from area to area trying to find the best place to lounge.

After that a  lovely lunch of rotisserie chickn, mac n cheese, and caprese salad!

I spent a couple of hours chilling out in my room, finishing my book and relaxing. We had formal night tonight, so I wore a dress. Yup – an actual dress, pictures below…

Dinner was great – strawberry bisque, stuffed mushrooms, perch with yukon potoates, and broccoli, and then I also had a fillet of duck. The duck was fantasic – really good. It was lobster and prime rib night as well, so our tables saw many rounds of that.

Following dinner a lovely show, and a couple of hours of kareoke… watching, not doing…

The boat is great – FULL of people, but I’m able to find a quiet spot when I need it.

Tomorrow is a full day at sea,a gain – so will have to figure out how to spend my time… any suggestions?

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Day 1

Vaya a Mexico – Day 1

April 4, 2010

Today was Day 1 of El Vacacion del Mexico. Whooo hooo!

I met the A. family at 815 in the McDonalds parking lot, we ended up leaving around 8 30, and had a great drive to Burbank where we stopped for lunch at Bobs Big Boy. It was FAN-tastic. The food was great and the atmosphere was really quite fun. We left there and zipped down to Long Beach to board ze boat.

The cruise ship is GIGANTIC and beautiful. It’s a bit… bright, and could be tacky – in fact some parts are, but on the whole – its great. We spent the afternoon exploring the ship and checking out the many many different areas. I’m excited tomorrow to have a relaxing day to chill out, read books, sleep late and not work!!

After some down time this afternoon, we headed to dinner. Our group has 2 tables at the Gold Pearl – right on the windows, and a bit out of the way, so it was great. The food was really good – we ate a ton. It’s going to be hard to remember that its “All You Can Eat” not “Eat All You Can”. After dinner, we flopped down like beached whales in the rooms and hung out. Kate (aka Kathy, Kake, Katie) and I rallied and headed to Kareoke. I had brought these two fantastic multi-purpose glow stick things for use… for fun. We had a good time waving them at the Kareoke things.

So interesting thing to note – we boarded and were hanging out and this guy walked by Joe and said – OH – Joe, hey. Turns out its some guy he knows from work. All of a sudden, his wife goes. “OMG – Mission!” and I was like ummm yes…. Turns out one of our Hapitok TIGRs is on board, and like 3 rooms down, and I’ve seen him about 6 times today. It’s going to be interesting because I am not in “Mission” mode, I am in “Alison” mode – which is way less “campy” than my camp persona. My normal persona is… not my camp persona. It’ll be interesting to see how that turns out…

Anyway – tomorrow is a day at sea, and I have a ton of books to read, and lots of other stuff that could be done. I might order coffee in the room or get some and just do nothing all day, that might be fun. Who knows.

Enjoy the pictures below from today..

And remember…. All You Can Eat… not…. Eat All You Can.

 Remidn me of that in a couple of days, k. We learned today that average weight gain on a cruise is 1 – 2 lbs PER DAY. SHEEEEEEEEEET.

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More tomorrow!


T-Minus 11 hours

Well – I didnt leave today. I couldnt get the wheels in gear to make it happen this morning, I was up waaaaay too late, and tried to sleep in, but it didn’t happen.

But – as of now, I’m nearly ready. The big bags are packed and in the car. The backpack is packed, minus the computer. My other tote is packed minus the toiletries, and a couple of other things. Travel documents are printed, passport is located, I’m ready.

More or less!


It’s VACATION – wahooooooooooo

Tomorrow… or Sunday… I leave to begin vacation.

Sunday I board a boat and sail away for a week, with the large family.

I plan do a travelogue of sorts, and will update here with a comedic representation of the adventure…

Tonights installment – packing.

WTF – 8 days worth of clothes, fancy clothes, not fancy clothes, easy clothes, pretty clothes and shoes that coordinate.

THats the fun I’m having right now!! The worst part is the packing to go, and the unpacking when returning. But sooon very soon, I’ll be floating in the ocean on a giant boat. YAY.


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