The typical work outfit

Is this


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Day OMG when will this be over


And the final night.


And now I’m back in my normal work clothes of “yoga” pants and what not, as I drive home.

Thanks for not siccing Stacey and Clinton on me!

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Day 3


My favorite outfit of the week. Crazy tank, super comfy black pants and a black sweater.

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Third times my favorite

This combo has been my favorite if all my choices!

Crazy tank, black super comfortable pants and a black jersey sweater. Made my presentation in front of 50 people easier since I was comfy.


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Day 2

Navy silk blouse with flowers and gray trousers.


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The fashion pulse

Hello from Vegas, where I will be for the next 5 days and including yesterday. I’m at the conference my company does and it involves many days of meetings and business clothes. To prove to the world that I can wear that type of clothes and do in fact have them, I’ve decided I post my outfits each day. I’ll have to out in my yesterday outfit and post that later, but here is today!


Also i had dinner last night with my ew team, here they are…


And I won $100 on te slots! Yay Vegas!

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My Winter Break

I road tripped with the fam over Winter Break…

Baker came too, for the first half of the trip – he got dropped off at Carries for 3 days, while we carried on. He had to share the back seat with Jonah… he was a bit out of sorts.


We had a great time – it was a lot of fun. I’m excited to go back!

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