Office Revamp

Well, if you follow along on Instagram, you will have noticed the paint color conversation.

I apparently feel the need to crowd-source key life choices. Like Paint Color.

So when it comes to the office, here’s the bigger vision:


Picking the paint color has been the hardest. The goal is tan walls with thin random stripes around the room in fun colors. Not a lot of them, and kinda random. Apparently stripes are a bitch, so they might turn into wavy stripes.

I need the office to feel clean, warm, serene, with a bit of a funky touch – so that’s my logic around the stripes. Curtain, Dog Crate, Lamp Shade – all in the stripes.

Paint Color – blech. This is hard. HARD. I want a tan, because it’s in keeping with the nature of my house – which I recently discovered was built in 1920. I have picked 4 samples, 2 are too pink. 1 is the lightness I want, but kinda dull. The other is the tone I want but too dark. The challenge is I think I got a jenky color sample from the OSH – the lady was a bit… wacky. So, I might try Home Depot? Lowes? Kaleena – where from did you get yours? to see if the outcome is different, or ask them to lighten it up a bit…

Side by Side paint chip vs wall sample

Glidden photo

I think I would like it was at it appeared in the sample, but again – I think that is a OSH paint issue, so we’ll see.

My pinerest board has furniture samples – it’s going to be very hard clean lines, which is the other reason I’m debating curvy stripes… idk, maybe I’m nuts. If the board preview doesnt show up in your reader, click here if you want to see it.

The TV Stand is a Lack table from the blue & yellow furniture store, and it’s currently wood tones, but I want to paint it cherry red, or some other fun color. And if it bombs, the tables are like $10 at that store, and this table is 10 years old. Ha. Actually, all the new furniture, lampshade and curtain are from the blue & yellow furniture store. Love that place.

What else? I don’t think anything – unless you really love to paint, or assemble furniture, and then you’re welcome to join the party. I’ll provide your beverage of choice and snack of choice.

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One Response to Office Revamp

  1. kaleena says:

    I feel your paint frustration. It is ridiculously complicated. I learned more than I ever really thought l should have to about pigment ratios, sheen, coverage, and pure whites (which sounds vaguely racist, but really isn’t). I love Water Chestnut by Glidden, but BEHR had better paint (pigment wise and pure white wise) so I had them use Glidden color with BEHR paint. What can I say? I’m a rebel. This may be why my Water Chestnut is so much lighter is appearance than your sample? Don’t even get me started on flat/eggshell/satin… except that I chose satin and am happy with it. So, ignoring my rant…
    tl;dr: I purchased it from Home Depot, because Lowe’s didn’t have the BEHR/Glidden option.

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