Man – yesterday, in church I cried.

Which happens fairly often, I don’t really know why – but it does – and I’ve just accepted that I’m that person, and it’s part of who I am. I’m not the only one, and I think that’s been good for me to see. There are few other weepy-willies (to quote k) but yesterday, there were many many folks with the tears.

Yesterday, we celebrated an adoption. We’ve not had many of those, and in our church there’s a small service to celebrate the adoption of a baby, but not an adoption of older kids. So our priest altered and adjusted and we had a small service-in-service to celebrate the adoption of two kids – 9 and 11. And I have **never** been prouder to be a member of the church that I am. You see, these 2 kids have had a long road, and were adopted by 2 Moms.

And we celebrated that, without any discussion, without any pretense or explanation or anything. And it was awesome. 2 of our church senior members and leaders were up there celebrating birthdays and it was just awesome. I realize now that I can’t really articulate why it got to me so much – but it just did.

I think it’s because in this day and age, where the is still discrimination and strong opinions both ways, and all the other thoughts and feelings out there (which, fyi – this isn’t about that, I know that everyone has their own opinion and feelings and you are entitled to them and I am entitled to mine, and to each their own) – I was just really really proud to be part of a church that openly, honestly and with 100% enthusiasm celebrates the cementing of a family that is led by two moms.

Anyway – just proud, proud to be an Episcopalian, and proud to be part of a parish that celebrated as much as we did yesterday. Cake with a big pink flowers, it doesn’t get more celebratory than that!

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