According to Merriam-Webster the definition of irony is:
a situation that is strange or funny because things happen in a way that seems to be the  opposite of what you expected

So when we last left off, it was 2 weeks before Hapitok, also known as CRAZY time of the year. It was a good year, lots of progress by the kids, lots of fun – some unbloggable stories. FYI – in case you EVER wanted to know – the animal with the HORN is a Unicorn, the animal with WINGS is a Pegasus. The two are NOT the same, and the horn and the wings are mutually exclusive. Dear God – if that doesn’t sum up my summer. (If you were at camp, ahem, Amani – please pretend you didn’t read that.)

In the middle of camp, my job changed. Well actually, not even in the middle. I think it was the Wednesday of Week 0. 3 days into the start of camp. I got a call from my Director at 7:30pm his time, and we had a conversation in which I had to provide an opinion by the next Monday – also known as the first day with kids and OMG – please make a life choice in the next 2 days, is pressure enough – but to do it while I’m running a camp and responsible for the health and safety of 56 kids, and managing 20 staff, not to mention the rest of the stuff going on…. no pressure.

After having made an opinion, the timing actually worked out quite nicely. It was a quiet summer, which was much needed. But here’s the ironic part. I’m now on a team charged with building a Social Business. So that means – being social, enabling others to be social, and marketing social products. (For the record, I’m also on a team doing new things, in a new space, with a new manager, with new day-t0-day tasks – so that’s challenging and fun, to say the least)

Ironic, eh… being that I am not all the social myself. I understand the tools, but I don’t really USE the tools. Outside of Twitter, where I mostly tweet random crap, and Instagram where I post photos of the dog, and wine. So, in order to align my personal goals with my professional goals – I am going to attempt to be more social. I’m already fairly active on Twitter and Instagram. I have an updated LinkedIn – do all of you? If not you should (ahem, Lynette). It’s a great way to build a professional network, get endorsements, recommendations, etc – I know most of my readers (all 8 9 of you) are in Education, but it’s not just for business, check it out and connect with me there.

Another cool thing is Its a way to build a personal page, for free, that gives info about you – but doesn’t totally expose you. You can customize the layout, photos, information exposed, etc. I’ve been using it on forms where you have to enter a personal URL, and I don’t want folks to see my personal stuff, not that there’s much on here… My aboutme is on my sidebar, but click here to check it out – and for those that are privacy focused (April, Joanna) this might work for you as well.

So, that’s it – except that I met a cat on a leash, wearing a bindi and an elaborate necklace & pendant, being walked by a guy also operating an RC car – and if you don’t believe me, check out my Instagram.

For realsies, that’s all I got – its been a whirlwind, but I’ll post more soon.

Upcoming Topics:
– The time I almost died on a mountain in Big Bear
– I swim now. With a Snorkel.
– Where should I go in the Winter?

Hope you are all doing well – cheerio!

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