Some Stuff

Well – here’s the update:

I discovered maxi dresses, and they are kind of like wearing pajamas.Photo May 24, 6 03 11 PM

I decided to get a new sofa. My old ones were GROSS and terrible. So… I found this one:

Photo May 18, 1 33 39 PM

and couldn’t decide if it would fit… but I got it. Here’s the before and afters…

Photo May 30, 5 30 57 PM

Photo May 30, 7 56 57 PM

Photo May 30, 8 50 06 PM

I love it.

The dog has a new rule… not allowed on the sofa. It’s really a hard life. He has 2 beds to choose from and likes neither. And now he’s required to look out the front door window, not the windows from the sofa. A hard hard life.

Photo May 18, 8 31 03 PM

Sometimes – you need a little humor. “horizonal running” What What…     Photo May 23, 9 43 24 PM

Camp is coming… Balloons are the theme. I have many balloon related projects to complete in next month.

@Kaleena – its way better than Fiskaring.

Photo Apr 13, 8 10 52 AM

My little bros engagement extravaganza was last weekend, no pictures yet – but hopefully soon.


That is all.

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4 Responses to Some Stuff

  1. Kirsten says:

    YOU GOT THE COUCH!!!!! YAY! omg it fits perfect! I love it! I will have to come by and let my pregnant ass test it out 🙂
    poor, poor Baker…a couchless life is very sad for him. He has been spoiled, haha

    And love the Maxi dress. I would wear them except that most hang about 2 feet past my toes and require hemming…damn these short genes.

    Can’t wait to hear about the family extravaganza – and glad you made it through unscathed more or less 🙂


  2. April says:

    What’s a Maxi dress???

  3. afesler says:

    It’s one of those long-to-the-floor column dresses…. feels like pajamas.


  4. Cousin Kelly says:

    I F-ing LOVE maxi dresses! Even with being vertically challenged, LOVE THEM! So comfy and fun (just have to make sure you stick with something with shape, otherwise it looks like a muu muu :P). That one looks great on you!

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