what did I do when I was there –

I did this…

So the question is “What did you DO when you were there”

Well – I was in a lot of meetings. But when I wasn’t working on my other stuff, and not in meetings. I was part of the “livestream” stage team. So, I did a lot of meeting and greeting executives and super smart big blue-ers and helping them get ready to be on stage.

I was also on the social team, so I wore my social hoody over my business clothes and helped people learn how to tweet, follow each other, I took a TON of pictures and posted them to instagram, etc etc.

So -with that, here I am with the social team, and with my hoody – and yes, I am aware of the giantness that is my being in that photo.

Alison at Pulse

socialpulse team

So what does it mean “livestream stage”. Well – we had this stage in the middle of the expo, and on it we had the execs and partners and super smart people up there doing interviews that were a) live and broadcasted to the expo, and b) posted on youtube or whatever for people to watch.

So sometimes, things went awry and we had to do crazy stuff to make it happen. This video clip below is one of those moments. These 4 people are crazy smart, fancy folks – and in the middle of the interviews… the sound started cutting out. We’d had sound issues ALL WEEK -and this one was awful. So the production team lead and I figured out that if we stood and held the antenneas, we could maneuver them to pick up the wireless mic waves (?) to pick up the sound. So I literally stood there for 27 minutes looking like a butterfly catcher, or windsurfer or something trying to “catch” sound waves with my antennea. When I looked up a BUNCH of folks I knew were standing around and totally cracking up – and someone caught a picture.

So heres a link to the final video: http://livestre.am/4mXso

So FYI – that bit at the begining about Dev/Ops – highly entertaining to the right audience, and these guys were REALLY funny in the prep minutes.

And what was I doing off to the side… I was doing this:


Don’t mind me fancy people – just trying to catch your sound waves.


happy weekend, people.

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