All About the Boxes

This Christmas, I was all about “boxes”.

I made CarrieSmith get a “Kiwi Crate” for her nieces to play with. They look awesome. She said it was fun and came with all sorts of fun stuff. This box was a “Penguin” theme so it came with penguin bowling, a science expierementy thing and was cute and fun!

I got my nephew a 2 month subscription to “Mystery Tacklebox” which also looks fun. He hasn’t gotten his first month yet – but I’m excited for him. I got a great deal on that box through the GMA Deals & Steals….

I then saw “BarkBox” on Good Morning America “Deals & Steals” and… well I figured for $15 bucks, it’ll make a lovely dog Christmas Present.

Here is a photo narrative…

The BarkBox arrived, filled with fun stuff!

Photo Dec 27, 12 01 06 PM  Photo Dec 27, 12 01 59 PM

Photo Dec 27, 12 03 07 PM

Baker was mildly interested in the fun stuff. He decided he liked the treats. Do note that that is a Red Velvet Doggie Cake, and the instructions tell me I can make a variety of sizes of cakes and cupcakes, so the next time he hosts a party – watch out!

Photo Dec 27, 12 04 09 PM  Photo Dec 27, 12 04 05 PM

What he really liked was the Snowman.

Photo Dec 27, 12 16 04 PM Photo Dec 27, 12 16 07 PM

He took it off for some private time.

Photo Dec 27, 12 21 44 PM

And destroyed it. Good bye Snow Man, it was nice knowing you for 14 minutes.

Photo Dec 27, 12 41 14 PM

I also found a couple of cute stuffed things, that he does love. One is a frog, the other is a moose. He loves the frog the most.

Photo Dec 27, 10 05 54 AM Photo Dec 27, 10 10 05 AM

I also learned that he loves bath poofs as much as he loves snowmen. For those of you that enjoy dogshaming… this ones for you. This happened when I grabbed a quick shower between Christmas Day events.

Photo Dec 25, 2 54 12 PM

In other news – I lost the battle and had yard art again. Still do. Because I hate taking stuff down.

Photo Dec 24, 4 11 14 PM

And finally, Jeff F got an iPhone for Christmas, and was determined to explain to Nanny what an iPhone was and how it worked… so this is a quick shot of him doing that, and also a screen grab from when we were FaceTiming across the living room. Nanny clearly has no freaking idea whats happening. Sidenote – Art also got an iTelephone for Christmas.

Photo Dec 24, 7 06 26 PM  Photo Dec 24, 7 09 54 PM

Jeff also got a fiance for Christmas. He proposed while on a hike and when she turned around he was on one knee, and her first 2 responses were: Does your knee hurt? Are you posing for a picture?

Apparently she was surprised as well! So congrats to Jeff F and Melissa – when you date for 7 years, how long is the engagement period?

Anyway – that’s a photo wrap up of my Christmas.

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2 Responses to All About the Boxes

  1. Cousin Kelly says:

    YAY for Jeff F! It’s about damn time! (That was me imitating Garnet and Marion)

  2. Kelly_S_ says:

    Merry Christmas! Baker… poor Baker. He loves to shread those toys, huh?

    Hilarious shots on Christmas.

    Congrats Jeff! That’s very exciting! Let’s hope the engagment is not as long as the dating period! HA!

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