Stuff and Things

Love & Hate, Stuff & Things

Love: The Weather

Hate: Walking the dog in the weather

Love: The fact that the Black Dog is getting more and more snuggly

Hate: It means he needs a bath, bc he smells… doggie.

Funny: Got called by my step-mom on Monday at 5:40. The conversation goes as follows:

  • Her: Are you on your way?
  • Me: Ummmm no?
  • Her: When are you going to get here?
  • Me: Get where?
  • Her: To our house
  • Me: For what? I was just there yesterday.
  • Her: For the dinner
  • Me: What dinner?
  • Her: Nannys dinner
  • Me: Oh – when was I supposed to be there
  • Her: An hour ago, we’re eatin gin 15 minutes – can you be here then?
  • Me: ummm….. Well. I guess I can try. Yeesh.

Entertaining: I’m doing the Christmas Pageant at Church this year. So I’ve written the script, assigned the parts, made a list of the props I need to find/make/etc. Here’s my list of things I have to do:

  • Meet with someone to paint the two backdrops
  • Take the Palm Tree to church
  • Make Gold, Frankinscennse and Myrhh
  • Make Angel Wands
  • Find Swords
  • Make 2 brown paper bag vests, paint with silver
  • Pull costumes
    Note: If your kid has always wanted to be in a Christmas Pageant, or you’ve wanted them to – let me know. Space open in the Sheep, Stable Animals, Angels, and Shepherds. 21 Kids. Sunday at 5pm – comedy guaranteed. Ha.

Side note: Can someone remind me that I have to be in Templeton by 7 for the Jr. High Production of… something, am not sure what.

Hows things in your worlds?

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