Pick a Trick

A new trick that is, for the dog.

Baker needs to learn a new trick, and I’m out of ideas.

Here’s what he already can do:

  • Ring the Bells (to go outside)
  • Go to Crate
  • Sit
  • Shake, Other Paw
  • High Five
  • Touch
  • Down
  • Sleep
  • Roll Over
  • Spin
  • Bow
  • Speak
  • Whisper
  • Crawl
  • Find The
    • Monkey
    • Duck
    • Bone
    • Ball
    • Stick
  • Stay
  • Wait
  • Which Hand (is the treat in)
  • Kisses
  • Hide & Seek
  • Treat/Toy Sniffer Outer

Any ideas?

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5 Responses to Pick a Trick

  1. Kirsten says:

    BANG and then falls over and plays dead

  2. Laura Liskey says:

    Well its kind of like “find the…” but we always play hide and seek (ok we are officially dorky:) I tell Jake to stay in the kitchen and I go hide …then after a few minutes I make a little whistle noise and he comes flying through the house to find me! Hilarious! Or I hide a treat … I call that game “drug sniffer” and he has to find it…so funny! I think you should figure out how to teach him to do chores and then tell me how you did it… I would love to teach Jake how to vacuum!!

  3. afesler says:

    YES! We play that too!

    Hide and Seek is awesome – I particularly love hiding in tricky places, like behind curtains, or behind a door. We play a couple of times a week, and at my Moms and when he’s with me at Church, totally funny.

    We play drug sniffer too, I forgot that one! as well – I’ll update my page!


  4. kaleena says:

    I’m a fan of “go get me a beer”.

  5. Michelle says:

    I know it’s a violent game, but we say “bang!” making a gun with our fingers and Duke will play dead. Just another idea if you’re into violence. 😉

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