Couple of things…

  • Well, blog month is complete! I did 3 out of 4 activities, and participated in a Twitter party – so that’s pretty fun!
  • Apparently, I find out next Monday the results, and who won what. I am really **REALLY** hoping that I win one of the gift raffles that goes to Nana and his family, that would be awesome.
  • Hey! While I have you all – KNO at my church is back, starting this Friday for a fall run of activities. As you might remember, its the first Friday of the month, from 6 – 10 and it’s FREE!! We include dinner, crafts, activities, snack and a movie – among other things. We have a youth group for 11 and older, and a nursery for 4 and under, and an “elementary group” for all the others. We have a great group of volunteers that lead activities, and provide the supplies and dinner – its a pretty cool thing!
  • It’s a really fun night, and I wanted to make sure you all know, that you are all (or your kids, rather) are all invited.
  • Click the button below for more info or to sign up, if you are interested… or you can shoot me an email and I can answer questions, etc etc.

Eventbrite - St. Barnabas: Kid's Night Out!

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