Are you pinterested?

Week 3, ahoy!


I am not sure that my post last week counted, but it’s a new week, which means a new post, on a new topic.


This weeks topic is “Pinterest”… to specifically create a Pinterest board called “My Sponsor Child” and do a few things… post a photo of yourself and your child, your letters, and other ideas and crafts that you can do.


So that’s great, and some of that stuff I’ve been pinning to other boards – but I follow directions well, and I’m sure you all (yes, all 8 of you) can see my Pinterest board now.



The fun part about having Nana from Ghana is writing letters, and getting letters. The hard part is figuring out what to write about!! I run out of things to talk about sometimes, so I use Pinterest to come up with new ideas and stuff that I can send in my letters. Normally I send bandaids and pages from coloring books, and stickers and stuff – but I like to be creative.


So – check out my pinterest for Nana from Ghana, and let me know if you have any new ideas to add!!
And always -don’t forget, you too can sponsor a child, check out the kids at this link, if you are so inclined, or called, or curious.

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