This weeks blog topic for the Compassion Blog Month is interesting. The assignment itself is to write a letter to God and tell God about Child Sponsorship, and why it is important.

So – how do you do that on a blog? And what name do you use? The familiar name, the formal name, the standard name?

And what is this about the name… so when I was a teenager in our Youth Group, we had this big exercise on giving an “informal” name to God, to use when in prayer. In theory, that makes God more familiar and removes some of the “formal challenges” in prayer. Right, so that’s all good and all until you start trying to figure out what name makes you comfortable… give it a shot, think of a name, that you could call God… other than God.  Some that people began to use; Sweet Jesus, Loving Protector, Fred. I mean really – it was a struggle – none of those work for me. The only “sweet” I use is in a “Sweet Inga” and forget things that start with Love or Loving… and Fred. Oi.  Plus then there’s the whole “what God is called in the Bible” – Emmanuel, Yahweh, Abba… SO MANY OPTIONS.


Plus you add in that, I’m a poor prayer when not using the BCP (the red Book of Common Prayer) that Episcopalians use. And when you write a letter are you supposed to follow the ACTS sequence??

  • A – Adoration: proclaiming who God is and the attributes of His character
  • C – Confession / Proclamation: personal cleansing, repentance, putting on of Christ’s nature
  • T – Thanksgiving: praise offering, remembering the works of the Lord, meditation
  • S – Supplication: asking, intercession, and petitioning according to His will

I am clearly over thinking this.

So now that I’ve stalled and explained, I suppose tomorrow I’ll come back with a letter?

IDK. I’ll gladly take opinions and suggestions in the comments.

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1 Response to Dear…

  1. Joanna says:

    I’ve always used ‘Heavenly Father’ ….although I’m not really sure why…it makes me sound Mormon 🙂 I started keeping a prayer journal in early Highschool after going to church camp…maybe that’s where I got it from?
    When I’m praying I think I use that as well…although sometimes I just say ‘Big Guy in the Sky’ 🙂

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