Back to Blog Land

Hello, hello…

Okay, so… here I am again, and with a purpose this time around!

Here are the things that have happened since June…

  • Camp Started
    • We had major SLP staffing issues.
    • Poppy came to help on Thursday and had her baby on Friday
      Connected quote “OMG She was the most pregnant person I’ve ever met. I thought she was going to have that baby in my cabin!! And that is not something I know how to help with!!”
  • Simon the Cat died. I was sad, some days I still am sad. But man, he was not an easy cat, and I don’t miss the leg biting, cat boxing, and general BS – I do miss the snugly cat, though.
  • Baker stayed with many people.
    Connected thought: Putting lots of blankets and pillows on the sofa, does not in fact, keep him off.

    Also, he likes to lounge ON tables.

    And look out the window
  • Camp Ended
  • I went to NYC for work.
    Connected story: We were stuck waiting for our plane… there? or back, I think back – and we were short a flight attendant. This guy announced loudly, “Aw, y’all don’t need a flight attendant, you have me. I can pass the drinks out!”
  • The day after I got back from NYC, I went to Asilomar for the weekend.
    Related: Deer live there.

    Connected: I also went to many thrift shops, and saw this… the Patron Saint of Serenity.
  • The next weekend was the Hapitok Fundraiser at Applebees.
    Related: Aubrey is still afraid of costumed people, even when she says she wants to go see it, don’t believe her. Also: gotta love the night staff, go TGL!
  • The dog got a backpack and now earns his keep by transporting things from restaurants and Farmers Market. Or just hauls rice around on a short walk and tires himself out.
    Also: he hates it.
  • My brother and Melissa came down.
    Related: Jeff F is now an EMT, is in the Fire Academy, after crashing it – got asked to be a Platoon Leader, and then asked to be the head of his entire class. If he loses his job at the bio-sciences firm, he has a list of “back up” things he could do, and Modeling is one of them.

    Which normally I think is BS, but in this case – IDK. Could be a possibility I suppose.
  • I got a new rack.
  • Pinterest Rocks.
    Related: Dr. Pepper and Cake Mix cupcakes. Easy to adjust, make, I made 4 and half a bunch of cake mix and stuff RTG, so can make another couple when I “need” them.
  • I got Flocked.

Okay, now that we’re all caught up on things. I wanted to give a quick preview/explanation…

This month, I’m participating in “Blog Month” for Compassion International.  The last 2 1.2 years, I’ve been quietly sponsoring a child through Compassion and not really talking about it. However, that is going to change tomorrow… Compassion is hosting “Blog Month” and it includes PRIZES and I love prizes! Actually, I’m not hoping to win a prize for me, I really want to win one of the prizes that benefits my sponsor child, and his family. Each week, Compassion is providing a blog topic and specific call to action, and if you are a registered blogger, you blog about that topic, do whatever it is they ask you to do, and then you get entered in the contest. There are some prizes that benefit the writer – I could win swag, or credit from the gift shop, or etc etc – OR I could win a child or family gift for my child or his family, which is pretty cool. And really – could be life changing.

So – get ready, tomorrow – I’m going to introduce my sponsor child, whom I love very much and tell you a little bit about him and Compassion, and we’ll go from there. It’s only a once a week blog topic for the month of September, but I wanted to give you a little heads up about why the next couple of posts are going to be focused on Compassion.

Sound good, okay – well all 8 of you (ha. HA. if I’m lucky and it’s a good day) get ready!


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3 Responses to Back to Blog Land

  1. Kirsten says:

    YAY!!!!! You’re back! (I need to go back to blog land too….)….I have way too much to say about your catching up – but seriously, no mention about the tree lover? Or are you saving that for another post? Also…I am still sad about Simon the cat 😦
    and…the pillows are supposed to go under the dogs head and the blankets are supposed to go over the dog. That’s the way he liked it at our house anyway…heh

  2. Kelly_S_ says:

    Welcome back! Or as Aubrey says, “You came back!” It’s nice to get an update. Even if it’s just 8 of us… which is about who many read my blog as well.

    Poor Gato Negro. Sad.

    Yes, the redhead is STILL afraid of costumes. Everywhere. Always. Forever.

    I laughed at the “I got a new rack”.

    Hope to see you this weekend!

  3. Joanna says:

    Its good to *see* you back . Sorry to hear about Simon 😦 . I, too, laughed at the rack 🙂

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