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Well people, we haven’t had this conversation yet this Season, so I thought I’d open it up again…


does the fat man wrap his gifts or no, AND a new topic… Socking stuffers wrapped or unwrapped? Lynette looked at me like I was a wing nut when I mentioned that we wrap our stocking stuffers. So. Vote in the poll above AND comment below.


A scientific Santa poll… We’re moving up!

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3 Responses to Not yet

  1. Kirsten says:

    So much more fun to UNWRAP things…yes, it’s probably a waste of paper, but life is short 🙂 Definately all of the above wrapped!
    Merry Christmas to alllllllll

  2. Kelly says:

    Heck no! Santa’s Elves DO NOT WRAP the gifts! They are created in Santa’s Workshop so they are not in any sort of packaging and are ready to play with.

    We certainly do not wrap stocking stuffers either! (Actually, this is the first year we’ve done stockings in a very long time.)

    Geesh people! =)

    Alison, the girls loved, loved, loved their gifts! Addy has claimed the princess book as her own and is not willing to share the princesses. Silly girl! Aubrey would much rather color and create… so it’s perfect! THank you for being so very thoughtful!

  3. April says:

    Ditto to what Kelly said. No wrap, no cardboard, no tags, etc. etc. on the gifts from Santa.

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