Its a leash… for me!!

Well, Kirsten, guessed correctly.

It is in fact “one of those armband thingamajiggers that the biggest loser people wear”! Heres the thing – I bought a different brand off of ebay a couple of years ago, and wore it fairly regularily, but ended up loving the concept, but not liking that verion. It was big and bulky, and ran off of 2AA batteries, and they didnt last long, and it was kinda a pain.

But recently, in my effort to get back on some sort of track, in the big WL cycle – I reached out to a Biggest Loser via Twitter, and was like – help a girl out, what did you do before you were on the Biggest Loser – and she was great! She tweeted me back, told me what she did – and then pointed me towards the BodyMedia Fit armband, that I ended up purchasing, and I found a super-good deal online and paid like 1/2 price.

I didn’t make the purchase lightly, I’d been looking at them again for awhile – but here’s why I really really like what I currently have…

  • its small
  • its light
  • you can sync it to a SmartPhone or to a computer, or both
  • when you sync it to the computer, it recharges it, so no batteries.
  • its just enough of “something” on my body to remind me to make good choices
  • you plug into the computer what you weigh (ouch), what your actual level of activity is, your goal weight, and what you want to lose each week, and it comes back and tells you – the number of steps to take, the amount of “moderate activity”, the calories to burn each day, and a few other things.
  • It also tells you where you are, and date you’ll reach your goal week if you do what you say your going to do… pretty fun, but holy cow a long time away for me.
  • it also monitors your sleep, which for me is SO funny, because we all know I’m crazy in my sleep and the first night it had me sleeping 3 hours and “lying down” the other 3, which was pretty awesome.



You’ll note last night was a good night of TV, and so you can see I was lying down for a long time, and apparently dozing off, according to the armband. ha.

I have to say that the nutrition logging, is really fun – actually. The app is on my iPhone, and I just plug in what I’m eating, as I eat it

Anyway – thats my guessing game for today. So, if you see me and you see something sticking out of my left shirt sleeve – thats what its.

I love it so far, and am really grateful to see how thing works for me!


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