Remember this clip?

Remember this clip?

Specifically at 6:55??

So, today I spent a while explaining what I do, or attempting to explain what i do to some folks at the farm party. It actually went pretty well, although i left out the numbers part of the job and altered some other parts, just for ease of explanation.

I never try to explain my job without thinking of this clip. Also whenever any of my friends start to explain what I do, i always flash to this clip. Here hee … It’s something with computers and numbers…. She’s a… Uh… Something… Idk!

My moms answer is the best though… She stops with “something with computers”.

I guess it’s good that I’ve never been a contest for my apartment…

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One Response to Remember this clip?

  1. Kelly says:

    You were quite the chatter at the party.

    I know you’re a good friend when…. you all conspire to do something really funny. At least it was VERY funny to me!

    I love you guys!

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