Winner! Clearly, its a parrot!

Well, clearly – it’s a parrot!

I’m diversifying my animal kingdom, and bringing in some color to my pets. Green is the new black…


No really – here’s some photo evidence of what I got, and what I meant to post last night… but ran of time and NaBloPoMo people, I had to get something up!

So – let’s try again, my favorite part of this is the cost of the thing, in combination of that actual thing…

So now – any ideas?

This is what it came in…

These are the “extras” that were in the box…


Now, for the final sneak peek. Let me say again, that one of the best perks about this item is the price, which I’ll totally talk about tomorrow.

But – by now, if you read “a specific blog we all read” then you might have figured it out, but either way – I’m excited about it, and will share the full deal – but final pic… guesses, ideas?

And sidenote, Cousin Kelly – I’m totally casting our family movie!

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4 Responses to Winner! Clearly, its a parrot!

  1. Kelly says:

    It’s the planner/calendar dealie. Cute! Can’t wait to see the features in person!

  2. Kirsten says:

    yes! planner! I need one, but don’t think I’d actually use it…LOL. Is it wrong that I’m kinda bummed it’s not a parrot? that would make for some interesting stories….
    Now I wanna come see the planner to see if it’s something I need – how much? or was it freeeeeeeee

  3. Christy C says:

    Planner? I REALLY want one of these =)

  4. Joanna says:

    You got an ERIN CONDREN PLANNER!!!!!!! I *almost* jumped on that deal. I even registered on the one kings lane. They have teacher planners too (for $50) the deal would have made it 25 with additional s/h. I’m like Kirsten, though, for me- I worry that it would be too big. but LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors and all the features. I really wanted the teacher one, but my OCD said ‘no’ since it’s not the start of a year. Maybe next year, though. I can’t wait to see yours in person. How exciting..I love me some lists and plans, ha!

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