Well, as you may have heard, yesterday was Halloween. I think you’ve probably read on JoJos blog or Kellys blog about Christy and Mike’s party, which was much fun! The giant cockroach was probably my favorite part, probably because I’ve known that kid, since he was a kid!

Sunday I went to the Mens Club Reverse Drawing – which was awesome! It was Halloween themed, and so all the members of the Mens Club were dressed up in full costume, it was required! These are all guys that are fairly well-known business men in our community, and quite a lot of them are people I’ve known my entire life. One of the in-costume guys, made the local paper as part of a big law enforcement story. I’m guessing he wasnt interviewed in his costume. Really, it makes the Mr. Simmons costume look tame in comparison… ha ha.

My favorite part though, was… the angry Ronald.

You see, a well-known gentlemen in our community, went as Ronald. From head to very big toe – he was Ronald McDonald, and OMG – was he funny. He’s very tall, this man, so he fit the bill. He had the flappy shoes, the outfit, and the totally white face (and neck and ears) face paint. He also had really archy eyebrows and a BIG RED smile.

So, in the reverse drawing, you don’t want to go our first. You want to go out LAST, because the last ticket wins the big prize. BIG prize. Many thousands of dollars. Every 25 tickets wins a cash prize, and the tickets before and after the 25th win booze – so, you don’t want to go out early, you want to go out at the right time, and the goal is to win.

So the Ronald, who was working at the Mens Club drawing, also had bought 4 tickets… and went out… 4 tickets in a row. And turned from Happy Ronald, to Angry Ronald. And was walking up and down the stage grumbling and “rattzle frattzle garble garble” grumbling to himself… because he’d gone out all 4 tickets, right in a row. All with his painted on red smile and big goofy eyebrows.

Plus he was up there with a doctor, a golfer, and a couple of pirates – so the whole scene was just funny. OH and a smurf!! Papa Smurf, who has his own white beard and eyebrows, but was totally painted blue… Seriously – I realize this story doesn’t translate to print well, but it was pure comedy.

As was this:

You can’t see the beer he has.

It was a really fun night, and I won one of the 50/50 drawings, the prize was more than I expected, and I now have a “dining room table” fund – which is exciting.

Yesterday was actual Halloween.

On JoJo’s blog – she suggested dressing up the dog, and making him a  treat bag… I got this far:


And based on the total FEAR of the bobbers, I went with this. The black dot is spiders. I have a “Fall” themed collar in the works, that’s brown with leaves, and my mom is got a couple of Christmas fabrics he’ll have to. Super easy to make, and fun for me!

And made these treat bags for AJ, instead:


So – last night was Halloween – the BIG DAY!!

I live in the Village, and I learned last year – I get a ton of trick-or-treaters! So last year, I had some friends over – and this year I had my Mom over.  Over to do what, you ask??

Well – my mom showed somewhere around 5, and we put a new porch light in, and ordered pizza, and moved my table and chairs into the front yard. And then we sat there, and ate pizza and drank beer (she drank wine) and sat in my front yard and handed out candy to trick or treaters for a couple of hours. We had a couple of lulls, but were pretty much non-stop from 5:30 – 7:30.

My favorite moments were/are:

  • The 3 year old, that was supposed to be a werewolf, but caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and got freaked out. Too scared of his own mask to wear it.
  • The kid who spotted my Airhead candy and said, “OH – she’s got HairHeads, I love Hair Heads!!” me too k id, love those HairHeads
  • A couple of non-traditional home-made costumes: The Jellyfish, The Recycle Bag, and The Robot

We also got a visit from the JoJo and fam – in their AWESOME costumes, the best of the night, really! They came in and hung out for awhile – which was fun! Baker-The-Dog barked at everyone, until I remembered that if he can’t see it, he wont bark at it, and covered the front of his crate, and voila – no more barking at anyone!

The kids looked awesome, and P. enjoyed a break to snack on some candy – her method of T-or-T is to collect it all and eat later, while A. eats on the go! A. discovered the joy of handing out the candy to the door-knockers, she was SO cute and SO excited to do it, it was fun to watch, and then they all headed home.

I had another rush right after that, and closed the door and turned off the lights about 8:30, which was great.

This year I bought… 6 bags of candy. 6 BIG bags: 500 or so pieces each – tons of candy. I went through 5 1/2 bags – and only have… 1/2 my cauldron left, which is nice. I’m going to donate that and call it good!

Anyway – that’s my Halloween recap, complete with pictures – wahoo!

Hope y’all had a great day yesterday!

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