1 Year!

Aww – time flies!

A year ago, I went to the pound to look at a “3 month old, black lab/border collie”, I was with him for about 5 minutes, and decided he was mine. Really, I think I decided when he came running up to the cage door, and sat down, with his tail wagging!

He was so cute, no?

Anyway – I brought him home 1 year ago today … and named him Baker.

And now it’s been a year! I really am surprised, that it’s been exactly a year – time really flies.

In the past year, I’ve walked more than I’ve ever walked. I’ve gone to Puppy Enrichment class, and had a couple of private classes. I’ve spent quality time at most dog parks in the area, with the one at El Chorro as my favorite, and the one nearest my house, my least favorite.

I’ve spent a ton of time doing trick-training – and am super happy that my dog does a variety of tricks.

I’ve also gotten a ton of doggie kisses, and snuggles, and spent more time outside than I ever used to. I’ve spent quality time with Kirsten as we do “dog things”, and reinforced my relationship with my Dad. Oddly enough, thats probably the biggest thing thats come from acquiring the black puppy. I’ve gotten to know great people at Thousand Hills – highly reccomend them, and Creekside – like them as well!

But really – hard to believe that this guy:

is now this guy:


I love that he sits with his paws crossed, but he really doesnt look that sad and pathetic most of the time, as evidenced below… I think he’s afraid of the iphone…

I tried to video his tricks – but he’s apparently afraid of the FLIP – everytime I pull it out, he races into the crate. Ha.

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One Response to 1 Year!

  1. Kelly says:

    So cute! Happy 1 year ….er….. birthday? Not the right word… but he does look happy to have you as his momma!

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