In the past few days..

In the past few days…

  • The cat has:
    • gone on an adventure that kept him away from home during the overnight hours.
    • gotten himself STUCK on the roof of my neighbors shed for 24 hours, until he crossed the hoopty bridge I built using fence boards and cat food.
    • decided to see if he can sleep on top of the new computer monitor. FYI – he doesnt fit, 1-inch of wideness is not wide enough for 16 lbs of cat.
  • The dog has:
    • lost his tags, again.
    • has gotten really good at “leave-it” when it comes to barking out the window.
    • impressed the dog-lady with his tricks
    • has been playing around in the afternoon – kinda fun.
  • I have:
    • figured out to sew coffee sleeves
    • done the pre-clean for Alejandra
    • started to accumulate things for Hapitok 2012… construction paper! a laminator!
    • Procrastinated: finishing the laundry, finishing the room organizations, the garage
    • gotten my new computer monitor set-up, and moved my old one off the desk. Holy Cow that thing is heavy.
    • spent quality time with some far-away relatives
    • made 2 big batches of freezable meals…
      • turkey lasagna, made in breadpans, because they last for 3 – 4 meals, and freeze nicely.
      • my mothers zuchinni cassarole – which omg, I might eat for breakfast its so good!
    • gotten a hand-me-down iPad 1st generation… and I enjoy it very much. Very. Much.
    • Realized I keep mental notes about when and where I see people during the day. Specifically if ther’es some sort of movement associated to them… like police officers, or truck drivers, or walkers – I have no idea why, but its one of those weird habits I have, apparently.

That is all!


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One Response to In the past few days..

  1. Joanna says:

    I’d love the turkey lasagna recipe! and…I wanna see a picture of the sleeve keep-em-warmers…and how the heck do I get in the ‘down-line’ for those fabulous hand-me-downs. Can’t say I’ve ever been handed down something that awesome 🙂

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