Bullets that I’ve been meaning to share

Random Thoughts from the last 24 hours…


  • PG&E put up “no park” signs on the section of my street and around the corner… from 11pm – 8am. No idea hwat they were going to do. I learned at 11pm, when 3 bucket trucks, 20 guys, and the jack hammers, and large equipment showed up, that they were replacing a power pole. At 11:30 at night.
  • Work is fun. For real.
  • Getting another haircut this Saturday.
  • Funeral and a bday party this weekend.
  • GMA did a whole thing google maps, and how people are pissed to find themselves on google maps, in a variety of situations. I realized that a few months ago I walked by the google car, when I was walking the dog… and hey look. here I am. in google maps. yay.

    And, if you are to get there, you can see me from a 360 view. Yay – I look best from this view – don’t worry, I checked.
  • Harvest Festival was this weekend. My dad had me meet him so I could learn how to “Save The Seats”. I got there 2 hours early ( I live 4 blocks from the parade route), and learned that you just put a whole pile of crap on a longer section of sidewalk then you need, and then you stand there and watch it. He also checked his car 3 times, visited the mens room 3 times, and bought us breakfast… oatmeal and coffee. Did I mention it was raining?
  • Harvest Festival parade was cute – good pictures, am going to try to digi-scrap them.

And that – is that.



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One Response to Bullets that I’ve been meaning to share

  1. Kelly says:

    I didn’t see GMA, so I’m curious what people were pissed about?? Anything snort worthy?

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