Mission: Wear ’em all out!

Primary Mission: Wear out the boy, and the dogs.

Secondary Mission: Chat and get caught up on the stuff and things going on.

Tertiary Mission: Sunshine and Excercise

The Targets:

 The Boy

  The Dogs


Location: The Bob Jones Trail – 2.3 miles!


The fun…




Outcome: Success, 2 tired dogs, a tired boy, all caught up friends, and some fun photos…

Sidenote – the dogs trotted along, and Adam basically jogged the entire 2.3 miles. No joke – he trucked along, and did great!

We did have a giggle though about “mama, can we hab a sit-down?” and “mmmm juicy grapes!!”


Lots of fun, can’t wait to do it again.


Still want to try the hoopty trike get-up though!




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One Response to Mission: Wear ’em all out!

  1. Kirsten says:

    HA!!! Look at my little hillbilly! that cracks me up – ahahahahaha!
    And dude, it took me a minute to figure out which dog was mine – seriously! That was super fun – I couldn’t believe me made it so far. Operation tire-a-toddler = success!

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