Here’s The Thing

 Here’s the thing about digital/any kind of Scrapbooking, that I’ve discovered.


In order to digitally scrapbook… or regular scrapbook, I suppose – you have to TAKE PICTURES.


Here are the things I’ve taken my borrowed camera to:

  • Beautiful Beach Walks
  • Drastic Hair Cut
  • Pinedorado Days/Pre-Labor Day Lunch
  • WineTime with Dogs
  • Labor Day BBQ



Here are the things I’ve taken pictures of:



That’s right. NOTHING.



The camera has been in its case, in the car. Not out and about at the things I’ve been at – just… in the car.


So if you see me somewhere fun… and it doesn’t look like I have a camera, can you do me a favor?

either… send me the photos that you think I’d want, or remind me to get the dang camera.


Once I have the camera on my person, I’m hoping I’ll remember to actually use it.


But, maybe that’s the next round.


Who knows.



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One Response to Here’s The Thing

  1. Kelly says:

    Agh yes. You have to really think about taking the photos. I should have taken a group shot photo of us at the BBQ myself for my project life. I did get a funny one of all the girls screaming/laughing at the lizard. I’ll send it to you.

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