I like this very much.

I recently acquired this:


I’ve picked up the habit of drinking a warm beverage at night, while watching bad television or reading or whatever. I quite like it.

What I didn’t like, was trying to figure out how to make that beverage happen. Most nights I want the coffee flavor – but not the attached caffeine, which means making a one cup, or small pot of coffee – which was a pain, and just didn’t make sense. I tried tea, but sometimes you just want the coffee flavor – know what I mean?

My older sister has a bad-mama-jama version of this, and she LOVES it.  It’s her only coffee maker. I didn’t want a big one, because I like my normal pot-o-coffee in the mornings… whats a GIRL TO DO.

Then my niece got one for her college dorm room – and I was like DAMN, I just want one that makes one cup.

So I googled – and voila, they have JUST come out with a one-cupper made by Mr. Coffee.

So – voila, I now have one, and I love it! It makes a small cup, so I usually run it twice, to make one good-sized coffee cup full of whatever hot beverage I have the inkling for. It’s cute and fits on my counter, and basically I really like it.

I think at some point I’ll upgrade to a bigger one, just so I don’t have to pour the water in each time, and run it twice to get one cup, but as a starter machine – this one is great.

I just made myself a cup of tea for a mid day boost, and was like – oh yeah, I gots the adapter.



So I also have this:


Which means I can put my own grounds or loose tea, or whatever in it and make a cup of that.


All in all, a good thing, and randomly, I’ve decided to share. So share I did.

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