Months gone by…

  • Camp Began
  • Camp Ended
  • Books were purchased and not read
  • Books have been read
    • The new pants book – Kelly I totally did NOT put that together until the end.
    • The new James Patterson – fantastic
    • The new Janet Evanovich… the vordo. HA
  • Books to be read
    • The latest Jennifer Weiner books (2)
    • The new Catherine Coulter
    • The Help – bought it, tried it, will try it again

Other things on the to-do list

  • Sort/unpack Camp Boxes
  • A ton of laundry
  • consolidate the stuff going to the dump
    • buy beer and chocolate cupcakes
  • Move the tools to the tool box
  • Move the fridge to the garage
  • set up the shelves in the garage
  • move the kitchen island around
  • get a ____ to put under the service porch window
  • do another round of sort/stash in the craft room
  • do another round of sort/stash in the office

Well that’ll keep my busy for a few weeks.


Other highlights of the last 3 months..


Baker turned a year.

Simon attacked my Mom – he’s one more bite from becoming an outside cat.

Almost lived here for a year.

Lots of “bad television” coming back on soon. Exciting.


I think that’s about it – whats been happening in your worlds?

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3 Responses to Months gone by…

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  2. Kelly says:

    Beer and cupcakes… he’ll love them!

    I was going to ask if you finished the book. I bawled like a baby. I just can’t do death. But it was good.

    You’ve been busy, busy! Already a year at your place? Crazy. Feels like you just moved in!

  3. April says:

    So, there is a typed “To Do over summer vacation” list on my fridge. There are 30 things listed…I just counted…and only 8 things are crossed off. And let’s be honest, the things that got crossed off were the totally lame/easy things to accomplish. Oh well…all of the tons of fun we had this summer did not make the official “to do” list but they were much more fun than all of the yucky stuff on there 🙂 The Help is awesome. I hope you give it another shot. I read it a couple months ago and my book club is going to see the movie in a couple of weeks…can’t wait!

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