Stuff and Things

Well I’ve had nothing to say for awhile.

Been Busy.

Had stuff and things going on.

Here are the highlights:

I used my corporate discount and the cheap prices to get a new phone. Its a smart phone. I love It.

– Camp is gearing up. Its going to be great. Lots of change, but good change.

– I broke my ass.

no really

 – I broke/damaged/sprained my coccyx. I’m sitting on a special pillow as I type.

– Black puppy is growing up, and is still super cute. He’s growing out of his puppyness, which has pos and neg’s.

– He’s still afraid of men and barks at them, but once he knows you he KNOWS you and doesn’t bark anymore.

Here’s some photos of the last few weeks.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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One Response to Stuff and Things

  1. Joanna says:

    yikes, sorry about your…um…ass? (and had no idea there was a fancy name for it). The pup IS indeed getting big. I’m jealous of your smart phone. Mine is in SPED. No smart phone for me 😦

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