Busy Busy Weekend

It is no secret that I am not a good housekeeper.

I have an Alejandra, and for the most part I’m able to maintain the situation between her visits.

When I moved – ugh – moving sucks, but when I moved – I had a few things on my list that needed accomplished and I’ve been picking away at them over time.

Earlier this week I decided THAT WAS IT  – and scheduled a   with my niece…

We tackled: The Crap Room, The Gazebo and The Living Room.

First up – The Crap Room.

Anything that didn’t have a home ended up in this room, and pretty much since I moved in – it’s looked like this:

yes I’m aware how bad that is. At some point, I made it look like this – and then hit the wall and gave up…


Not much better.

So Kate and I turned that into this in just about 2 hours …

    So while the bookshelves look unorganized, they really are in good shape. THe wood one holds clear shoeboxes that have items sorted by like items. THe black shelf is fabric – binned up along the bottom and then a stack of stuff net to the last bin, then above that ribbons, buttons, sewing things, top shelf is duct tape, fabric that I need to put away – card stock that I will put away and a couple misc things – but pretty good (for me).

Phew. So then we had lunch. Alphys – totally worth it.

Then we tackled the Gazebo in my back yard. We strung icicle lights around it, and put up net lights on part of the ceiling and hung paper lanterns on the hooks… This is the WIP but the night vision view is awesome – it’s totally lit up and SO neat – !

So we did that – and that took a couple of hours – and then we decided to tackle the living room.

I’ve been contemplating moving my living room around for a while. I had a vision when I moved in, and it just wasnt working for me. The room is actually a BIG room – but the way I had my furniture – it just wasnt happening for me. It was feeling cut off and cramped and etc.

So I consulted those that are here the most besides myself, Kirsten and AJ – and they agreed, it needed a change. My mother – not so much with the agreeing – but screw it, it’s my living room.

So that took like… 3 hours to do – because OMG -my furniture is large, and my TV is a behemoth. Its HUGE – we moved stuff around and I was like – omg if the cable cord isnt long enough, we’re going ot have to go to plan b. Kates response: There is not a snowballs chance in hell we’re moving that tv again. HA.

So this was the before… errr okay – well I dont’ have a before. So those of you that have been here before will have to imagine the before, and those of you that havent – well sorry about that, you’ll have to take my word for it – this is better.

This is what we ended up with…


So the upper one is the loveseat, which is up against the front window. And the one to the right is the view from said loveseat looking towards the kitchen. We took those this morning – but clearly had hit the DONE point. I wanted it to be sparkly clean – but was out of  motivation.

So during the super bowl I put away that last round of stuff – and this is the current view…

I’m REALLY proud of us – we worked SO hard, and were SO tired -but really happy we got everything done. This morning we moved all the boxes and trash and stuff into the garage – hello gross spideryness, and then she took off.

I still have a short list of things to accomplish – I need to hang 2 heavy things, I have 4 pictures that will hang on the wall between the bookshelves. Sidenote – you can’t see it -but my hope chest, is between the bookshelves – so that will complete that wall. I have a mirror to go above the bookshelf on the far left, and a big heavy shadow box thing to go above the heater.

I have a bunch of stuff that needs to go to goodwill – so that’s a trip, and now I have a garage that’s full of junk, so I may be calling the junk people to come get that – because – ew and ew.

I also have about 97 loads of laundry – but for tonight, for right now – I’m super happy with the way things are.

Oh – what was Simon doing, you ask. He pretty much did this the entire weekend. Jeebus.

Oh and just incase you needed a bigger picture of him – here you go, teeth and all. He was an ass this weekend.

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4 Responses to Busy Busy Weekend

  1. Joanna says:

    okay…seriously….simon SCARES me…. just looking at the picture made my butt clench.

    Yay for you and Yay for organization. Perfect timing too, I have 4 big boxes of cardstock to donate to camp (from our scrapgroup).

  2. Kirsten says:

    I’ve got mad love for Katie for helping you with all of that. How do you like the new living room arrangement?? Looks bigger and more open….but you didn’t take any pics from the other side…how does the couch fit in that corner where the tv was?
    I’m so impressed! YAY for getting things done.
    (can I borrow that Katie please? I’ve got a couple of closets that I need help with…hehe)

  3. afesler says:

    Ah – I’ll have to do that and post the photo..

    Katie rocks. She is awesome and worked SOOO hard.

    The couch is up against the window, and the sofa table is sticking out of the corner… the table behidn the sofa was going to make it too much out in the middle of the room, so that was our compromise – seems to work well.

    I LOVE the new arrangment, it feels SO much more open, its really quite lovely.

    Can’t wait for you to seeee it!

  4. Kelly says:

    It looks great! It’s a lot of work to organize and clean but it’s so refreshing to look at when it’s done! I’ll have to come by to see it in person!

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