Baker the Black Bullet

I’ve not been good at posting photo’s in recent posts, so I thought’d I’d post some of Baker the puppy.

Or as I call him when he’s racing around, The Black Bullet.

He’s 6 months on January 04. When I got him at 3 months he weighed 25 pounds, and now weighs about 50. And, he should keep growing for awhile.

He loves tennis balls, playing with the cat, and bully sticks.

Kaleena and I went on a road trip and he was our companion. He did GREAT in the car, and pretty well in the hotels. We had a barking moment the first night, and a peeing moment the second night (due to the fire alarm) but other than that he was great. He went running and exploring with Kaleena and we walked every day.

No joke – having a puppy is hard, and he’s a VERY easy puppy!

If he’s not well excercised or well brain stimulated he’s a hyped up mess at night, so we’re walking a. lot. still, and visiting dog parks. He goes to Thousand Hills a couple of times a month to burn some energy and its great, he comes home exhausted that night and stays tired through the next day…

Here are some photos of him…



I’m really glad I have him, even on the days he’s super hard.

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One Response to Baker the Black Bullet

  1. Kirsten says:

    I LOVE that one of him snoozing on the sofa…I miss the guy! Hopefully I’ll see him today 🙂
    Wait until the puppyness is gone and you are left with a mellow sweet dog, you will heart him so much you won’t be able to stand it!

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