Holiday Hooplah 2010

Well Christmas has come and gone, unless you go by the church calendar and we have 4 more days – but anyway.

This Christmas was our normal schedule…

Christmas Eve with Dad

Christmas Midnight Mass with everyone (Mom, Art, Dad, Annette, Jeff, Me, Ann, Bill, and Family)

Christmas Morning with Mom

Christmas Day Dinner with Mark and the whole family.

This Christmas was much more relaxed than usual, and I have no idea why. It should have been much more stressful, but for whatever reason I was more relaxed and less stressed than I have been in years. I think the reason is because I wasnt responsible for all of the church celebrations in addition to my family celebrations. As a member of the Vestry and last year as Sr. Warden – theres alot of extra duties that come along with the Christmas season – theres many many services to unlock and lock up for, lots of post service receptions, and lots of other stuff that are a time/mind suck.

This year, I just had to go – I didnt have to DO anything. I didn’t stay to clean-up, I didn’t get there early – I just went.

Here are my two favorite photos of things from Christmas…

My mom got me a kitchen island to fill the hoopty whole between my stove and fridge – it’s fantastic, and perfect!

The bottom is a winerack, which will be perfect since I got a wineclub membership from Nanny (and super fancy wine glasses). The bottom rack thingy also stores stuff, but I have to figure out what I will store there that is pet friendly…

However – this might be my favorite photo of the season. My brother got Art a hat for Christmas…

Ring any bells?? As soon as it came out of the bag, I started cracking up… and yelled OMG THE PENIS HAT. That didn’t go over very well, my mother informed me that it hurt Arts feelings, and I wasl ik e- wth, he didn’t design the hat. Anyway – it provided me much entertainment the rest of the day.  Also providing me entertainment… the fact that he left the cardboard in the front of the hat so that it would keep its shape… Seriously? Is that wierd? I always take the cardboard out…

Anyway that’s the Holiday recap.

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2 Responses to Holiday Hooplah 2010

  1. Cousin Kelly says:

    Just make sure your wines don’t get too warm sitting next to the oven…heat will totally ruin the wine (sorry…had to put in my winemaker 2 cents :P) Also, LOVE the penis hat! I would have blurted out the same thing!

  2. Joanna says:

    Sounds like you had a great holiday!!! I recognized the penis hat in no time flat, ha!!!! I don’t know a thing about wine, but if you ever need some info on diet pepsi, I’ll be your girl 🙂

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