Polar Bear Dip 2011

We did it!

So, last night was New Years, I did something for dinner (any idea what?? – no? me either). I went to Black Swan and wow – that was an interesting two hours. And then I drank my one glass of champagne while watching Dick count down from 60, and being jussssst a little bit off.

Anyway –

This morning I got up and had a relaxed morning, and packed my 12 bags for the Polar Bear Dip. Maybe not 12 – but

Bag A: Dry clothes for after

Bag B: Towel, Water Shoes

Bag C: Dog Bag – long leash, treats, food, water bottle, collapsable bowl, dog bags

Bag D: Costumey things for the running in to the water.

We had a great time at the Polar Bear Dip. It was about 40 degrees and freaking cold. COLLLLLLD. The water was way cooler than that. To the point that when I dunked under – I lost my breath, and then when we got out of the water – I totally got light headed… but it was fun. This year Ethan didnt participate, so it was the 5 of us. Katie and I ran in to th water with our flowered swim caps (mine, actually) and the girls wore red/white/blue hats and antennae, and Mark ran with a bell, because I made him.

Afterwards, we had a great lunch at Bobs Big Boy, walked all the puppies and headed home. Baker came with me and hung otu in the car, and that is apparently exhausting. We had a nice walk today and got dinner, and he had a good hour of nuttiness, and now I’m chillen out at home.

How did you end 2010 and start 2011?

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