10 feels like midnight

After a very long day.

10 feels like midnight.

By popular demand (ahem, April).

I am updating my blog.

My favorite moments from the Road Trip

a. Front Desk Lady: Sir, what color is your truck?

Sir: Champagne.

(and then later)

Front Desk Lady: Girls, what color is your vehicle?

Me: Cherry.


Me: Baker – no BARK.

Baker: growl growl muwah muwah growl (hard to type that one out phonetically)

c. ELK – YAY!!

d. K: I’m really trying my hardest to sit still and not be a giant distraction for you.
(Said while I was driving us through a snowstorm that made it feel like we were driving through that screen saver. You know the one with the stars and the black screen. Only a snow storm and holy hell I thought we were going 70 MPH, we were really going 30.)

e. Instrumental, Regulatory, Interactional, Personal, Representational, Heuristic, Imaginative, Informational

f. Ling. Cummins (jim, 1981), Happy Tat = Veelar Fronting

g. Kaleena: I’m going to go run 9 laps.

Me: okay, take the puppy.

I’m sure there are more… The Road Trip was great, we had a lot of fun. We studied alot for comps – and that was fun for me. I do not love audiology any more than I did when I had to take it previously. We also drove through super pretty things and saw lots of big trees, and big fields, and ocean and rocks.

We drove through a snowstorm. A serious business snow storm. It was intense, and sorta scary – but we made it.

The puppy did great on the road trip. He barked a little bit the first night, but settled down, and other than that he did great. He did pee on the comforter and the floor at one point the second night, but that was the night that the fire alarm was pulled and it went off twice – and I cant really blame him.

Ummm… yeah, so thats that.

Today was a long day.  I’m glad I could be there and do things for Kelly, Lynette, Judy et all. I’m sad that we had to do it.

And with that – my brain is done.

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