ouch again and still

Well, it’s raining.

Generally speaking, I like the rain.

I like it more this year than last year, because this year I dont wake up in the middle of the night and worry that the roof of the church is goign to blow off, which is great.

I like it less this year because… come rain or shine, Black Puppy needs his excercise, otherwise he’s a MESS. Hyped up and manic. So – yesterday I bought the rainboots and I trotted his little butt up and through town.

So – me in my rain gear, mudboots, and the dog in his… fur coat went on a lovely jaunt.

He had a fine time.

I realized that I walk different enough in my rain boots that my quad muscles HURT.

HURRRRRRRRT. Alot of that hurty hurty.

Thats all I have time to write – becasue black puppy is ready to go out again. So off we go to the great out of doors…

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