It snows on my blog now, until January somethingeenth.

I tried to change my blog background so the 4 readers I have could see it, but when I did that it went all JFU so – its back to Blix.

I also have a holiday wreath (Thanks Martha) on my front door.

Which means – I’m all decorated. Har. the Eff Har.

Reality is – that’s not true. I have a closet of easily accessible holiday things to put up and put out and all of that, including a whole set of holiday dishes.  And since Alejandra is here today, maybe tonight   the night I pull all that stuff out and put it up.

My old house had a mantle in it, that I would put up and hang ornaments on, but this year, I don’t have a mantle, and my big heavy thing that I want to put up over the heater is still leaning against the wall – so I had to come up with plan c.

I ordered this:

to hang my ornaments on. I think that got here today. And then I ordered this:

to put other ornaments on, because I’m collecting/doing the Jesse Advent Tree – that you may have read about on another blog.

And then I have garland and tinsel and I don’t remember what else – so I have no idea what will happen, but I have the appropriate pieces to festive it up.

I’m really trying to embrace and absorb the whole holiday thing this year, and not get so focused on getting the right stuff for the right people and all of that.  My mom wants me to buy LIGHTS and STAKE THINGS and other stuff to decorate the outside of my house because I live in the village now and apparently its a requirement. I told her that she was welcome to buy those things and put them up at my house. Clearly that went over well.

Oh well, we’ll just add it to the list of other things I’m in the dog house for. Top on the list – not being sad. I know – shoot me. I’m not sad.

So – as soon as the Holiday fun is over, something I AM looking forward to is a winter vacation.

I’m doing the reverse trip to what I did a couple of years ago, but bringing Black Puppy and Kaleena with me. We’re going to leave here and drive really far North, and then work our way South…

I’m really looking forward to the break and being a study partner, and seeing the beauty that is the PNW.

Okay – that’s my update for now.

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One Response to snow

  1. Joanna says:

    Thanks for the heads up about the snow, that way I didn’t think I was seeing things 🙂

    The Jesse Advent ornament on the other blog looks awesome! I may have to add it to my list of traditions next year. I think the brown paper bags that she is using seem simple and fun, my kids would love it. Are you ordering the same book?

    Road trip sounds fun! Will you put Kaleena in funny positions and take pictures? Hope bruce doesn’t get jealous 🙂

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