Answers to questions (Stealing the concept)

  1. What’s your name and how did you find the blog?
  2. What time do you get up in the morning, and what time does your job start?
  3. What are 2 foods, 2 beverages, and 2 tools that you would take to a deserted island with you?
  4. What do you sleep in…?

I’m totally swiping this concept from K… whose blog I read, so – voila.

Also – I know how many hits I get in a day (which isn’t many) so, let’s try to have the # of comments match up with the # of viewers. It’ll be more fun that way!

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4 Responses to Answers to questions (Stealing the concept)

  1. April says:

    April…I think JoJo gave me your blog address…maybe???
    6:50 the alarm goes off…snooze…work by 8:00-ish…depends on the day
    Frosted Flakes, milk, sugar cookies, diet pepsi,
    A toothbrush and a pair of sunglasses…they’re tools 🙂
    flannel PJ pants and an old T-shirt

  2. Joanna says:

    1. Joanna (although I respond to Jo-Jo too)

    2. 5:55 (Jason gently wakes me up), 6:00 (Jason flicks the light on and says ‘Jo-Jo GET UP), My job starts at 8:15

    3. Chips/Salsa, In n’ Out French fries, Diet Pepsi and ice (that counts right? Tools…hmmm.. a fridge to keep my diet pepsi cold ( I consider that a tool) and a packet of matches

    4. Um that’s a little personal, no? Let’s see right now I have on silk pajama pants and a white camisole (but it’s kinda cold so I threw on a long sleeve T from American Eagle)

    ps…. I think you have to include your answers too 🙂

  3. Kirsten says:

    1. Kirsten… or K – but not the K you stole the question thing from. and we are friends in real life, so I think we told each other about our blogs in person.
    2. Job starts at 8am, I sleep as long as possible and the boy wakes up around 7:45 (except now with the time change he’s waking up at 7am, which me no likey).
    3. Dr. Pepper and iced tea, pizza and fruit rolls – a leatherman and a machete
    4. A soft comfy t-shirt and underwear

  4. Michelle says:

    1. Michelle, I’m pretty sure that Kaleena gave me the address.
    2. my alarm goes off at 6, I push snooze until 6:40, work starts at 8:15 after a 30 minute drive.
    3. (this is a tough one) pasta, apples, water, diet dr. pepper, leatherman, flashlight.
    4. when it’s cold I sleep in sweats. When it’s not cold I sleep in……….

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