So, Halloween was Sunday, and now the madness can stop!

I had a super-busy weekend, did some shopping on Saturday morning and had lunch with KAAA – which was quite fun, and decided to crash the Halloween party that I was invited to, but hadn’t RSVP’d for, and pulled out my standard “sorta-a-superhero” costume for the occasion.

The party was fun, I agree with the others that the highlight was the little kid dance party, they are SO cute! I realized at the end that the big… termite? was a “kid” that my brother had gone to school with and that I’d known through 4-H forever, very odd! And the hosts were very cute in their… basketballer/racketballer/lifeguarder outfits. Those were the three that I’d heard bantered around… which is true, the world may never know.

Yesterday was the big day, I had church in the morning. The Bishop was here, which is a big deal. Big Deal. Our Bishop is the Rt. Rev. Mary Gray-Reeves, and she rocks. She is SO SO SO SO good. She gives great sermons, provides really good insight and relatable topics, is a moving speaker, does a phenomenal Eucharist – she chants and her voice is beautiful, and then on top of it is just a warm nice person. She’s very real. Plus – she’s got great hair. Not everyone can pull off a Mitre, and have great hair with that thing going on and off. Here she is:


After church I decided to go to the Bob Jones trail and “walk it”.  I wanted to wear out the dog, so that he would be tired during the trick-or-treat excitement… The sign says 1.5 miles in, 1.5 miles out. I walk 3 miles a day, so NP.

LIARS. I finally turned around after walking 45 minutes in, and was like clearly I’m going to die if I dont turn around, because the END IS NEVER GOING TO GET HERE. Last night, I mapped my walk and.. I walked 5 miles. JEBUS! I totally was a bad dog owner as well. I cleaned up after him, np – but did not bring water because I didn’t think we were going to walk 5 miles!! Plus I cant figure out how to carry the water for me and the dog – do I sport a fanny back? pull a wagon? get an outward hound? I just don’t know.

Anyhoodle – after that I came home to clean up the house, James and Summer were coming over to eat pizza and sit in the front yard and hand out candy with me. We had a good time!

We got some special visitors – K and M and AJ came to visit, in his non costume, totally sweet. Loved the Plan B treat bag. A bit later we got visited by Brett Farve, Eli Manning, and thier parents, I was able to pull up the score to “THE GAME” while they did the other block. The boys looked very cute in thier outfits, and it was fun to see them! We also got visited by Malificent and Sleeping Beauty, they were fantastic costumes and totally cute girls, very polite, as usual.

JoJo and J got to see the new place and everyone above met the puppy. He’s a big CHICKEN so was afraid of everything/everybody for the most part.

Some of my favorite quotes of the evening were:

Me to a Small Mermaid: What do you say? (Her people were prompting prompting prompting her, so I thought I’d help)

Her: This is a bad idea.

The Sister: Come on, you can say it –

Her: Your giving me a heart attack!!

(The Mermaid was maybe 5… ha)


Me to P: Oh, Paigey – I think the dog is afraid of your horns… they kinda look scary.

P: Oh… Uhhh… It’s okay puppy. I’m a person.

(followed by many whispers)

P: I’m a person – I’m a person -I’m a person -I’m a person -I’m a person -I’m a person -I’m a person -I’m a person.

(all of this while holding her hand out so that dog could sniff her)


It was a fun evening, we ended up going on a quick jaunt around the block as James and Summer were leaving so that we could re-tire the dog out, and then came home and by then everyone was exhausted and settled right down. Phew!

Sidenote – there’s a very cool project called “Halloween Candy Buy Back”. It’s a project that collects kids extra Halloween Candy from kids, pays them $1 a pound, and then sends the candy to Operation Gratitude, which packages and sends it to our troops overseas as part of their care packages. There are local dentists offices all over collecting candy, you can find out more at www.halloweencandybuyback.com.

If you’re trying to figure out what to do with your extra candy – check it out and find out where to go. I’m excited to donate all my leftovers (minus a few rootbeer barrels) to a good cause!

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