NaBloPoMo – Take 3

Okay – people,

It’s NaBloPoMo time… again.

If you have a blog and you post daily, and are registered with NaBloPoMo – you can win a prize.

Here’s the list of prizes – it’s updated often…

So- go there and register and if you post every day (kelly and christy) or have been posting more often and are uber competitive and want to win a prize (joanna) or are hysterically funny and have funny things to share (kirsten, kaleena) or have left us all lingering waiting for what the hell is after summer camp (april) or WHATEVER…

Sign up.

As for me – I’m determined to win a prize.

Baker Update – We got a new sleeping crate. It’s very large – and last night I figured out how to make it feel smaller and keep him warmer. We put the dog bed in the crate, which made it warm and comfy… I think he liked it.

A single person’s halloween post coming soon… super funny highlights as provided by A & P, and a tiny mermaid.

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2 Responses to NaBloPoMo – Take 3

  1. Joanna says:

    who me, competitive? I think not.

    Actually posting every day would stress me out, but I am looking forward to *reading* lots of blogs everyday, will that count?

    Baker was totally cute! Thanks for letting us trick or treat.

  2. Kirsten says:

    ooooh, I’m tempted because I feel like I have alot to catch up on post-wise…how late is too late to sign up? Doesn’t it start today? and how long does the post have to be? Kelly would be perfect for this one, the uber poster!

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