The Excercise Plan

So, the great thing about acquiring a puppy, is that they have to be walked.

I knew this ahead of time, and that was part of why I was excited. A walking companion, and frankly a reason to get out and walk a couple of times a day.

Until the vet said – no walking until he’s fully vaccinated… aka a month from then, now 2 weeks from now. So that lasted about 2 weeks, until last weekend. My cute, sweet, sorta puny puppy turned into a beast. He was HYPER and manic and barking in my face and just a total nut job.

So – I gave the vet the virtual finger.

Or – really, I have the vet the finger without giving the him the finger.

And Sunday night at 1030, we went for a half hour walk, after which the puppy passed the eff out. THANK GOD FOR SMALL FAVORS.

So, starting Monday, we started walking, 2x a day – once with a start time between 930 and 1030, and once around 630 at night. I’ve been using “map my walk” and would like to report I’m now walking 3 miles a day. THREE miles a day. Seriously, that’s alot. But – its good, I do about 1.5 miles per walk and in about 30 minutes, which for me is basically sprinting the entire time.

The benefits are great – the dog is worn out and tired and happy, and I am happy that he’s happy.

Other than that – things are good with the dog. He’s very cute and very much a  puppy, but doesn’t mind is crate, and is able to stay in it for a few hours at a time, which is lovely.

This weekend I plan to try to get out and about a bit, and once my back fence is fixed, he’ll be able to chill out there while I’m gone, which is good.

So anyway, I’m now walking twice a day, walking partners welcome!

OH – and his name is Baker!

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