Balls! (Nellie’s Dryer Balls)

As you all know, I’ve recently moved.

I went from living here (only in the back)

to living here

The two couldn’t be more different not just in looks, but in everything!

One of the best parts about the new place is that I was able to get these beauties:

Granted mine are sitting in the service porch and aren’t really laid out like the picture above, but having a laundry situation AT HOME – is truly fantastic! Life changing, really. I work from home, and I’m currently doing a load of laundry, while working and I don’t have to go down a flight of stairs, or find quarters, or any of that crap!

To celebrate my new washer/dryer, I decided to try out some fun things from Remember, I’m an Ambassador there, and I haven’t done much lately – but I was super excited to try out something I’ve always wanted to for my new dryer.



So, we all know that I try to be green – and be wise about the kinds of things I use around the house. I only use cloth napkins, I try to use natural cleaning products, reusable bottles, reusable shopping bags and produce bags etc!

I decided to buy and try Nellie’s Dryer Balls and Scent Sticks to use in my new Dryer. I’d seen things about them on-line, and like the idea of less stuff to be thrown away. So I ordered them, and they arrived super-quick and have been using them for a few loads of laundry.

They really light-weight and are kinda cute! I got the Linen and Simply Fresh scent sticks to go in the balls, which are made of soy-wax and essential oils, as they heat up in the dryer the scent is let out and the whole back of the house smells delicious.

The first load, I just used one scent stick in the load, and it gave everything a light smell, which was fine, but I was curious what 2 scent sticks look like. I just pulled that load of laundry out and it def. has a stronger smell, the clothes themselves have a lingering scent of “Freshly Clean” – which I like. I’m guessing that because I run my dryer at a lower temperature, the scent doesnt escape as well – so using the two sticks makes a different.

My clothes are in great shape, and they smell good too. The scent lingers but not dramatically. I really like these dryer balls and am super glad I got them.

I wrote this about a month ago, and wanted to finish up with some pictures.

I really recommend them – they have many scents, and are a great replacement for your dryer sheets!


Be sure to check out for all sorts of great re-usables. And if you want to purchase your own set of balls… hee hee… click here to start!

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2 Responses to Balls! (Nellie’s Dryer Balls)

  1. melissa says:

    Hi, I use dryer sheets all the time but always in frangrance free. I’m not interested in scent so much as in the effectiveness of the static cling repellant. Do these work for that? Thank you 🙂

  2. afesler says:

    Hello –

    I’ve not had an issue with static clean using these. I think if you take the clothes out of the dryer sooner rather than later, then there’s less risk of the static cling.

    ReUseIthas reusable static clean sheets as well – you can check them out here:

    I’ve not used them before, so I can’t say if they are any better than these, but thought I’d share.

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