He’s home!

Still unamed, but as cute as I remember.

Simon is doing well – so far no hissing, scratching, biting or chasing – wahoo.


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3 Responses to Awwww

  1. Joanna says:


    Just a thought (totally just a random idea toss).

    Our SLP got a super cute black labradoodle last october, and they named him Boo. I thought that was totally cute and original.
    It’s a short one syllable name, (ie. easy to yell) and it fulfills the ‘b’ requirement. He *is* black and it *is* nearing Halloween.

    How was his first night in tu casa????

  2. afesler says:

    I’ll add it to the list!

    First night was great, we went out a bunch of times and then I put him in his crate, zipped him closed and voila – he was fine.

    Other than snoring, he didnt make any noise, or whine. I woke up to take him out and he was sound asleep, so I scratched it and that was that.

    He’s in his crate right now, not loving it so much – but so far so good!

  3. kelly says:

    He is adorable! I hope the first week goes well without too many claws (by the cat).

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