uhhh…. I think he’s in here…

So today’s house update is about Simon.

You remember him – right? So cute, so mean.

He’s digging the new house!

When he got here on Saturday, he refused to get out of his box, and then when he did – he refused to let me put him down, he wrapped his paws in my shirt and was shivering – so, like a total ass-hat, I gave him a tour…

“see simon, it’s all our stuff!”

“oh look – there’s the futon, and the kitchen table – yay”

I finally put him on the bed, and he stayed there for about an hour and then he went exploring. He’s really been spending alot of time looking out each window and keeping any eye on things. He’s finally stopped walking the perimeter every hour – which is nice.

He also has some new hiding places… so, if your ever here and are looking for el gato negro, might be:
– UNDER the clawfoot tub at the back by the wall
– on the dryer
– sitting in a window
– sitting behind a curtain, like a statue
– on top of the pile of boxes in the craft room.

He’s a tricky one, that Simonizer!

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One Response to uhhh…. I think he’s in here…

  1. Joanna says:

    ass-hat is my new favorite word.
    I just said it out-loud three times…ass-hat, ass-hat, ass-hat. some how it just gets funnier and funnier 🙂

    Hey, I have a great idea, maybe you should have a special girls only open house, that just so happens to coincide with the season premiere of glee 🙂

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