Here are some positive things about the moving check list…

1. I heart my niece.

2. Washer/Dryer delivery date scheduled.

3. Utilities transferred.

4. Perfect bathmat set found for new bathroom.

5. I might make my own table. I know- whaaaa?

6. Moving city-to-city in a local area is waaaaay easier in Utility Land than the whole moving from afar.

7. My brother told my Mom that he’s excited that I’m moving and wonders what his list of job’s is going to be. He’s excited to help with the jobs.

8. Please read 2.

9. Please read 2.

10. Please read 2.

Can’t wait for a washer and a dryer of my very own!!


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2 Responses to postive

  1. Cousin Kelly says:

    LOVE #7!!! Lucky for us that we have such great brothers 🙂

  2. Joanna says:

    how exciting!! When J and I first got married we lived in an apt and would do our laundry at his dad’s (no hook-ups at our apt)…Dude, how embarrasin, we we’re totally married still having to wash our unmentionables at my in-laws. When we moved here to our first condo all I remember being excited about was doing our very own luandry…whoop-whoop 🙂

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