i got stuff.

holy hamburger – I have stuff.

I like to watch House Hunters, and I love watching the 3 houses, and I like making my pick and I listen to the people yammer on and on and on about how they need more space for thier stuff. And how – omg 3200 square feet is just not enough, and they were really hoping for a 5 bedroom, and really 4600 square feet would really be so much better for them. And I’m like WTH – you live in a 2800 square foot house NOW – how is that possibley not “big enough”.

Cut to the whole packing process this weekend. Holy crap – I have a ton of stuff, about 50% of it is in boxes and I would like the rest of it to magically box itself. My lovely niece Kate came down on Sunday and we boxed shit up from 10am – 6pm with 2 short breaks, and managed to get the office, minus the closet and work essentials, the hall closet, the candles, the books, and the breakables, and the dining area.

Half my office, the entire dining area, and the hall corner are full of boxes now.

And I’m totally celebrating the moving and getting MORE SPACE – while being a hypocrit about the people on House Hunters. But – thanks to the county assesors office – I’ve justified myself. I’m currently living in 902 of square footage, no garage, no yard. I’m moving to 972 sq feet, with a garage and a giant yard… so while I”m upgrading – truly the additional space is one component, but the better (significantly) area, the character of the house, etc are what make it a good move…

Anyway – I’m off to pretend I dont have a bedroom, a kitchen, a pantry, and my pit of a room to box up. I’m going to watch House Hunters… or something.

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