the update

Hey – have you heard? I’m moving…

Yeah, sorry – its kinda all I can talk/blog/think/tweet about… sometimes that happens. Sorry about that.

But – here’s the update, since I know your all so curious (not).

I have:

  • locked in a date and moving company
  • started to purchase boxes
  • made an idiot of myself in the parking lot of OSH trying to CRAM the boxes into my car.
  • have a plan to get roughly 12x the number of boxes I orignally got.
  • packed 3 boxes full of crap.
  • talked to my owner and am getting keys the monday before my move so I can have enough time to do stuff in there and hello! take before photos (carrie.smith is on my ass about that situation).
  • downloaded a moving checklist and checked things off on it.
  • talked to 3 of 5 utility companies and researched the other 2 and will make calls starting this Monday to move utilities
  • Uhhh, oh yes – decided that the stuff in my car is goign to stay in my car and I’ll move it in to the new house instead of up the stairs in into a box to have them hauled out again.
  • Talked with my new landperson tonight and am meeting him tomorrow to give him money and sign papers.
  • Uhhhh is there more?
  • OH – bought these for 1/2 off and for the windows in my living, dining and bedroom
  • AND – bought the shower curtains down there.
  • I’m going to use my current bedroom curtains for my office and guest room cause, might as well – plus I want it to be light in there.

So – I still have a shit-pile of stuff to do, but I’m working on it.

Tonight – I’m just feeling excited and am enjoying a delcious dinner of pizza, beer and frozen yogurt. Gotta love the Hot N Ready and Yogurt Creations.

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One Response to the update

  1. Kelly says:

    Yeah for moving! I can’t wait to see photos of your new place. Better yet, I can’t wait to come over! =)

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