first purchase for the new place

My new bathroom is large (as I recall).

It’s also all white.

And has a clawfoot tub. That’s painted cobalt. Somewhat like this:

But – on white tile, and… in a different place, and maybe a darker blue. It was a quick jaunt through the bathroom.

Anyway, today I got this shower curtain for it.


And yes, I kept the reciept so if it doesn’t work I can take it back.  And I got 2 because I think I need it to go all the way around…

Now I need to figure out a bathmat, and storage, and… other things. But at least I have a shower curtain.

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2 Responses to first purchase for the new place

  1. Laura says:

    did you buy a house??!!

  2. Kirsten says:

    Cost Plus right? I could so happily buy everything there to furnish a house…now only for that money issue…haha
    I’m so jealous you have a clawfoot freaking tub – AHHHHH, this house is getting more and more perfect for you as time goes on, I can’t WAIT to see it!!!!

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