a good way to gut check

alternately titled: one day of summer
aka: using up another weird draft post that I never finished.

During my one day of summer I…

  • Slept In
  • Started a book
  • Drank Coffee
  • Got a mani/pedi… pink/turquoise, with sparkles
  • Got a very short haircut. (whoops?)
  • Drove around SLO with Kaleena and did things like pick up my refurbished, but are basically new shoes, and try on the toe-sock shoe things, while not knocking over the wobbly display of crocs.
  • got coffee
  • looked at curtains and tables
  • drove by and examined my house.
  • shopped at trader joes
  • made a dinner that was made for just me and not me plus 60 that i had to serve
  • finished a book

It was a great day of summer.

This week I only have fun nights planned, tonight dinner and books, tomorrow dinner and good conversation, etc.

My mom pointed out that this is the first year in 3 years that I’ve been able to come home from Camp and just – be home. The last 3 years I’ve had to jump right back into Vestry and Church and this year, I just get to be home in my house.

However – starting Monday, the packing begins.

Because the moving begins.

And then there was that one glorious day of summer….

and I liked it.

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One Response to a good way to gut check

  1. Kirsten says:

    How you can start and finish a book in the same day I will never know….
    and hey, do you need boxes? I can start saving up from work – we have tons!

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