It begins tomorrow.

I’m excited.

The Fiskaring etc, is done.

The car is packed.

The “take Tuesday” pile is forming.

The “take Wednesday” list is forming.

And it begins tomorrow.

So – I will talk to you all in like 5 weeks.

Also – its the 4th of July, and wow are the fireworks insane here. As in – HERE in my parking lot, in the breezeway, across the street, behind me… here. The cat is doing okay, he’s determined to sit ON ME… but is purring and not all that twitchy, which is good.

There have been a couple that have hit a little too close to home, and made me wonder if my propane tank was going to blow up – but for the most part, it’s not terrible.

Sidenote – he might be mellowing?? He was out and about for a fair amount of yesterday when the Fiskaring (etc) was occurring, and he didn’t try to bite or scratch or attack, he even showed off his red dot chasing skills… and then remembered he had an audience and laid down and pretended like that actually hadn’t happened.

Oh and tomorrow I have to get sneakers. When your sneakers are soaking wet and covered in mud, it’s not a good idea to wrap them in plastic and leave them in luggage for 2 weeks. In case you were curious.

The end.

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One Response to hoy.

  1. Michelle says:

    give a ring if you need help moving. Mike has a pick-up and a trailer.

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