Crieky… it’s the busy season and I’m busy.

But I’ve made some time to do a bit of sewing…

So – I made a flag, and a pillow that you saw before.

I also made 2 new pillow fronts, one of a patchwork variety, one of that striped variety.

Saturday I made an apron. OMG. Aprons are a challenge. I didn’t have a pattern, so I traced one of mine, and then added some length by adding a section in the middle of a contrasting color. I used that same contrasting color for the waist ties and neck ties… and then I decided I wanted to make the apron double sided, so lined with that same contrasting color.

Yeah. That was fun. It ended up okay, but it definitely looks bizarre in some areas. Oh well – the person it was for didn’t mind, and we all got a big chuckle.

Today I made a spork holder.

I have a bamboo spork.

It needed a holder.

A friend of mine has a similar spork – so I made her one first, and I’m going to modify that design to make myself one.

Oh and I go on Border Patrol this weekend. Wahoo.

Notes from hood.

Lisa is a puker, and blamed it on Brittany.

It was 1 40 in the morning, and I was just glad that Lisa was a quiet puker, but I wish she’d washed it off so I didn’t have to wake up to EW EW EW 3 times between then and the official start of the day.  Actually, I would have been happy enough if she’d not puked at all, or puked in her own house, and not in the breezeway.

Brittany had a person over, and she wanted him to effing leave, but he didn’t want to, which resulted in yelling, and door slamming and name calling at 330 in the morning.

Brittany is out with that person tonight, and her mother is over to watch the kid. And by watch I mean, yell constantly and not worry when the kid wanders out of the house. The kid is 3.

The girls in the red bug – one of whom is Lisa, were singing Alejandro at the TOP of their lungs today.

And that folks, is whats happening deep in the heart of grover.

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2 Responses to Craft-paloooooza

  1. Kirsten says:

    Holy moses…better keep GBPD on your speed dial – and add CPS while you’re at it. What is WRONG with people?

  2. kaleena says:

    Have fun crossing guarding!

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