Sew Sew

Today I pulled out el sewing machine.

I don’t have a dedicated craft area, so when I sew, I sew at the kitchen table and my cutting table is my living room table, and all the stuff has to get set-up and it takes over the living room.

It kinda bites, because I enjoy the sewing, but I just don’t have the space to leave it set-up all the time, so I’m not as skilled as I would like to be.

In any case, today I sewed a flag. Its purple and white and I like it. Its rectangle and all the stripes are relatively the same size, which is handy. I just need to add the grommets, and it’ll be done I was trying to do it tonight but your really have to hammer the crap out of them and I didn’t feel like waking up the neighbors. .

And THEN – I tried a trial run for a .. I don’t know what you call it… but let’s call it a square medley pillow…

I wanted the end product to look like this but with 9 different fabrics.

So – with that as the inspiration, and a couple of different ways to do it… I did an experiment. I owe someone a pillow – like. a year, and I owe someone else a tote bag, and someone else napkins and someone else… you get the idea. In any case, I decided to use the owed pillow as a sample for a later project. So first, I sewed long stripes of the 9 different fabrics….


So from there, there’s a long process of cutting the stripes into triangles, and then sewing the triangles together so that all the stripes line up. Well. I did well on 3 of 4 slides…. and sucked. ass. on the 4th.

well. yeah. So – the top, the right, the bottom – they line up, REALLY nice. But the triangle on the left… ugh, not so much, and the purple… in the middle not so much, hence the big button I made in the middle.

So that was the trial run, and I think I’m going to give the person the pillow anyway. She knows my sewing history, so I think she’ll find it even funnier than it already is. was. whatever.

Plus I like that the pillow tells a story and there’s a story about the pillow.

And that is all.

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