It feels like summer…

So for some good news…

It feels like summer today. I don’t know why today is the day, but it feels like summer.

I BBQ’d my entire dinner – Balsamic/Garlic/Spiced Chicken Thighs, Honey Butter Sweet Potatoes and BBQ Peaches with Balsamic topped with Greek Yogurt – to celebrate.

Plus I found out today that I was approved for a new program at work. It’s a program where you can take additional 5 – 20 days off at a reduced amount of pay between May 1 and September 30. I am going to take 10, I can use those to cover my normal “vacation days” I take during camp, PLUS take a few extra days off, PLUS not lose the rest of my vacation. The dollar hit will be interesting, but that doesn’t happen until September, so the idea is that you plan ahead. I’m just excited that I could actually make it through the summer somewhat well rested… I know, shocking concept! But get this, I also took the Monday after camp off – so instead of getting up on the last Thursday at 6am to work until  2pm for the company, and then doing camp until… midnight, followed by staying up overnight until Friday at 8, and then sleeping until noon, and then staying awake until I get home and unpack on Friday, and then trying to recover on the weekend to be at work on Monday… that specific weekend I will get to… sleep in on Thursday (because I have it off), work work work on Thursday but for Hapitok only, stay up overnight until Friday – blah blah blah, same same – but then I get Saturday, Sunday, AND Monday to recover… ohhhh I am excited.

Anyway – just feels like summer, and I am all of a sudden excited.

Plus, my favorite rodent has a new habitrail and I’m super happy and relieved that she does, and am super happy that the owner of her former habitrail didn’t put windex in the water or something.

Ahhh summer. I like you.

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One Response to It feels like summer…

  1. kaleena says:

    There should be a “Like” button on blogs. Yes, it would be less individualized, but much more efficient. Anyway. Like. A lot. And now I want to BBQ random bits of fruit.

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